Welcome to Barry's e107 Plugin Site

Welcome to the KEAL web site.

AKA Father Barry

After several years away from serious e107 development, mainly due to mental health problems, I have returned to plugin development for version V2. Given the range of enhancements the e107 devs have made some of my plugins are no longer needed. Some are very old fashioned and some are no longer worth upgrading.

In future all my plugins will be made available on github under my account there G4HDU. Bug reports, suggestions instructions etc will all be on there NOT here. There is a forum on here to discuss plugins which you may like to see created or converted to V2. You can even add a poll so I can see the level of support for its development.

I can't guarantee that I will convert or create a particular plugin, nor can I offer any idea of time scales. There are two main reasons, one my anxiety and two the rate at which I can assimilate the new ways of doing things in e107.

In the meantime, keep well, keep happy and enjoy e107.


PS Please take a look at the e107 site https://www.maghull-lions.uk