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Plugin Title e_Classifieds - Classified Ad System
Plugin Name e_Classifieds
Version 2.1 RC2
Date of version Tuesday 28 October 2008 - 00:00:00
Plugin Author Father Barry
Revisions 1.10 fixes a small bug in uninstall
1.09 adds seller rating
1.08 fixes some small but annoying bugs
1.07 fixes an expiry date issue on submitted ads and allows different date formats in administer adverts.
1.06 Fixed small bug that admin couldn't change the category of a bug
1.05 Added rss feeds, sub cats can now been in drop down format, enhanced security
1.04 Fixed display bug. Now can have category icons and thumbnails for images
1.03 new file upload routine so hoefully will fix the picture problem
1.02 Small bug fix with images
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