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Plugin Title Dynamic Logo
Plugin Name Dynamic Logo
Version 1.4
Date of version Monday 07 January 2008 - 05:00:00
Plugin Author Father Barry
Revisions 1.1.1 Initial version for testing
1.1.2 More features
1.1.3 Custom pages added
1.2 Timed logos and random - added management interface for logos
1.3 Fix for version 7.10
1.4 Dynamic logo based un user language selected and you can exclude a page from the dynamic logo.
Developer Comments This plugin adds a shortcode which gives a dynamic logo which you can include in your theme. The logo is dependant on the system page or the plugin directory currently being displayed. For example, you can have different logos for the news page, downloads, submit news, forums, links page etc.
There are three options for dynamically allocating a logo:
• By the application/plugin that is being used
• By the user class (See notes)
• By the Date

There is an admin interface to enable you to set up which logo is displayed and when. If no logo is defined (default logo) then the shortcode behaves in the same way that the standard logo shortcode operates and will accept a parameter specifying the path to the logo required.

Logos are searched for in this plugin’s logos directory and also in the currently selected main theme’s images/dynamic_logo directory. If a theme designer wishes to include dynamic logos for their theme then they should be put in this directory..
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