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Plugin Title Recipe Menu
Plugin Name Recipe Menu
Version 2.18
Date of version Thursday 22 October 2009 - 04:00:00
Plugin Author Father Barry
Revisions 2.01 This version fixes a bug in the menu title, adds the facility to add a picture of the finished dish. Added check for updates.
2.02 Hopefully fixes the issue with uploading pictures
2.03 Fixes the issue with submission permissions
2.5 Adds top rated recipies and fixes problem with apostrophes
2.6 adds comments, turn off rating and specify decimal places in the top rated menu
2.7 Users can administer own recipes, auto approve class, rss feed, category icons
2.8 Fix issue with . in username (Thanks jerko)
2.9 Adds PDF support, Adds statistics page, enhanced top menu
2.10 Fixes issue with creating recipes
2.15 & 2.16 add gold support and gallery.
2.18 adds order by last updated option
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