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Plugin Title Job Shack
Plugin Name Job Search
Version 1.15
Date of version Friday 23 October 2009 - 04:00:00
Plugin Author Father Barry
Revisions 1.14 Fixed menus bug for links
1.13 removed debug code for a query.
1.12 Logo now optional - delete job_search_logo.png from images
1.11 added message to each page plus a bug fix in email print
1.9 Fixed issue with upload types.
1.8 Added subscription management and userclass membership for subscriptions
1.7 variable number of items in random menu.
1.6 Added support for top menu and vote plugin. Removed need for subcategories (optional)
1.5 fixed more bugs
1.4 fixed more bugs
1.3 fixed more bugs
1.2 Fixed of a couple of bugs
1.1.1 Initial version
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